An attractive feature of the Saronic Sailing tour is the calm waters of the Saronic Gulf. The serene sea makes this tour ideal for first time seafarers who may not have as yet developed “sea legs.” The tour is also recommended for families with youngsters.

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8 Days

Alimos Marina




The Argo Saronic region lies southwest of Athens.  Its proximity makes it a popular destination for Athenians and visitors who want do not want to venture too far from the capital.   The islands Poros, Hydra and Spetses lie close to the Peloponnese mainland which means the waters are calm and comfortable for inexperienced sailors.

This region is rich in mythology and history and ancient lore. Jason and the Argonauts sailed all over Greece in their boat, the Argo, looking for a special ram’s fleece made of gold, the Golden Fleece. The goddess Athena fitted the Argo’s prow with “speaking timber” that advised the Argonauts which direction to steer.  On an Argosy cruise, the wooden yacht will talk to you, too!


  • Day 1 Alimos Marina to Aegina Island
  • Day 2 Aegina Island to Corinth
  • Day 3  Corinth to Epidavros
  • Day 4  Epidavros to Poros Island
  • Day 5  Poros Island to Hydra Island
  • Day 6  Hydra Island to Spetses Island
  • Day 7  Spetses Island to Nafplio
  • Day 8  Nafplio vehicle transfer to Athens

Activities: Each day offers active and lesiure activities. The itinerary below indicates activity choices available at each destination. We organize a final itinerary — active, leisure or a combination of both — depending on your group’s specified interests.

DAY 1  Alimos Marina to Aegina island

Welcome & Orientation at Alimos Marina. The island of Aegina is famous for its pistachios which are sold in every shop and kiosk. Aegina is not a touristy island. It has no resorts or boutique hotels. Its residents live and work on the island which means you meet real locals, not transplants. Aegina is a popular weekend getaway for Athenians due to its proximity to the capital. Overnight Aegina island

Active choices:    Bike island loop to Ancient Aphaia 39 km (24 miles) or easy flat coastal route 20 km (12 miles).   Hike a trail in the hills through Kapotides village, 2 hours.  Horseback riding

Leisure choices:  Learn how natural soap is made at Cool Soap workshop.  Visit 5th century BC Aphaia Temple.  Take a ceramics class from a local potter.  Take a cooking class and shop for ingredients at the local market.

DAY 2  Aegina island to Corinth port

On the way to Corinth there’s a pit stop for swimming in the serene waters of Kanakia bay on Salamina, the island where the naval Battle of Salamis was fought in 480 BC when the Greeks roundly defeated the Persians.  Then a thrilling sail through the Corinth Canal, 6.40 kilometers long (4 miles), 21 meters wide (70 feet).   The Canal’s wooden Poseidon Bridge lowers into the water to allow ships to pass.  The Roman ruins of Ancient Corinth are also a big draw, especially its fine museum pieces. Overnight Corinth port

Active choices: Cycle to Ancient Corinth 25.40 km (15.70 miles).  Bike to Akrokorinthos Fortress and walk its extensive grounds 34 km  21 miles.

Leisure choices: Visit Ancient Corinth site and museum.   Walk the grounds of Akrokorinthos Fortress, a strategic spot with panoramic views of the Saronic and Corinth Gulfs.

DAY 3   Corinth port to Epidavros port

The big draw today is 3rd century BC Epidavros Theatre seating 13,000 spectators.  With impeccable acoustics, a stage whisper can be heard from the highest tier.  In ancient days Epidavros was the largest of 200 holistic healing centers focusing on mind, body and spirit.  Today it is a World Heritage Site hosting a drama festival every summer where professional actors perform the works of such greats as Euripides and Aschylus.  Overnight Epidavros port

Active choices:   Bike on a rural back road to Epidavros Theatre for a tour with a professional guide. 30 km 18.50 miles roundtrip

Leisure choices:    Tour Ancient Epidavros Theatre with a professional guide.  Swim in the refreshing waters of Epidavros town.

DAY 4  Epidavros port to Poros island

Scenic Poros harbor is a cluster of pastel colored buildings rising to a crescendo at the clock tower.  It is 31 square kilometers with 4000 residents and a premier yachting destination.  Every year Poros hosts the East Med Yacht Show where exceptional yachts are presented to brokers and charter yacht agencies from all over the world.  Sailing schools and sea sports abound.  Two lovely bays supply an abundance of water sports: water skiing, snorkeling, little boats, sea kayaking, windsurfing.    Overnight Poros island

Active choices:   Bike from Epidavros to Poros (Galatas) 40 km 25 miles, or from Methana 22.40 km 14 miles.  Sea Sports.  Bike loop on Poros.

Leisure choices:   Stroll the harbor stopping at the local art gallery and the archaeology museum.   Take a class with a traditional weaver.    Swim at Askeli Beach or Love Bay Beach.

DAY 5  Poros island to Hydra island

Hydra is a car-free and bike-free island where travel is by foot or donkey, or a high speed water taxi.  Hydra is an upscale island with elegant well maintained colorful neo-classical mansions making it a haven for photographers.  An artists colony sprouted years ago on Hydra supplying local shops and boutiques with high quality, original works of art, jewelry and clothing. Overnight Hydra island 

Active choices:   Hike up to Profitas Elias monastery, built in 1813, with spectacular views.  2 hours, 500 meters, 1640 feet.

Leisure choices:   Stroll Hydra with camera in hand, led by a professional photographer.   Excellent shopping in Hydra shops.  Visit a contemporary art gallery called Slaughterhouse, located in an abandoned abbatoir.   Tour the National Historic Museum located in the Koundouriotis Family mansion.

DAY 6  Hydra island to Spetses island

Spetses earned its wealth and glory when 19th century shipbuilders began producing large merchant vessels on the tiny island.   The captains also built beautiful mansions that help make the island so charming.  Starting in 2011, Spetses hosts an annual Classic Yacht Race where wooden schooners race alongside classic yacths.  Every September Spetses holds an annual Armata Festival commemoratng the setting on fire of the Turkish fleet in 1822. Overnight Spetses island

Active choices:   Bike the only paved road around Spetses 24 km, 15 miles with a pit stop to swim into the Bekiris sea cave where pirates hid out.

Leisure choices:    Tour Spetses’ only town on a horse drawn carriage.  Visit Bouboulina’s Museum dedicated to the woman whose fleet fought against the Turks.   Stroll to the Old Harbour and Lighthouse built in 1837 and still in use.

DAY 7  Spetses island to Nafplio port

Nafplio is hands down the prettiest city in the Peloponnese.   It was Greece’s first capital after the Revolution.  The square in the old city is so big that children play soccer and ride bikes while parents sit at the many cafes and restaurants hugging the square.   Parts of the old city still retain the look and feel left by the occupiers, first the Venetians and then the Ottomans.   Nearby is the World Heritage Site of Ancient Mycenae where King Agamemnon ruled and launched the Trojan War. Overnight Nafplio port

Active choices:  Climb the 999 steps to Palamidi the 17th century Venetian Fortress, Bike to Ancient Mycenae 43 km, 26 miles (roundtrip).

Leisure choices:  Wine tasting at a premier winery.   Tour Ancient Mycenae with a professional guide.   Strolling and shopping in Nafplio’s old town.  Visit the Komboloi Museum (worry beads).  Take a small boat to Bourtzi island.

DAY 8  Departure 

Morning transfer in company vehicle  from Nafplio to central Athens or Athens Airport.


Inclusions depend on the yacht that is chartered and its capabilities.  Below are indicative inclusions for this tour.

  • Yacht accommodating from 2 to 12 adults, or 16 persons with young children over age 12 years.Captain and 3 crew
  • Cruise Director handling all logistics.
  • All required safety equipment such as life rafts, life jackets, motorized tenders, satellite beacon devices, emergency communication devices, fire prevention/extinguishing equipment, emergency pumps and other essential sea faring devices.
  • Vehicle transfer from central Athens to Alimos Marina
  • Vehicle transfer from Nafplio to Athens.
  • Bed linens
  • Towels for showers and the beach
  • Water and snacks.
  • Hybrid bicycles, helmets, water bottles.
  • Snorkeling gear, fishing gear and bait
  • Entry fees to archaeology sites and museums.
  • Meals provided on board with chef.  Inquire for rates.

Alimos Marina is a twenty minute drive from Central Athens.

By vehicle Nafplio is 2 – 2.5 hours from central Athens.





Saronic Sailing

Cruise through the high cliffs of the Corinth Canal

Visit the Roman ruins of Ancient Corinth

Visit Ancient Mycenae where King Agamemnon ruled who launched the Trojan War

Stand in the center of Epidavros Theatre to hear your voice like a microphone

Visit an organic olive oil soap workshop in Aegina

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