To the west of Athens are four major attractions: the Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, Acrokorinthos Fortress and Epidavros Theatre. On this cruise, you see them all.


3 Days


Alimos Marina



The Corinth Canal is a world famous landmark which is now mainly used for tourist purposes rather than commercial ones. Ancient Corinth was a city-state (“polis”) in its own right, joining the Peloponnese with mainland Greece. The Acrokorinthos Fortress imposes over the whole of ancient Corinth and is worth ascending for the panoramic views.

The ancient theatre of Epidavros, constructed in 4th century BC, is still in use today and you will have the opportunity to test its pristine acoustics.



  • Day 1 Pachi to Isthmia.
  • Day 2 Isthmia to Epidavros
  • Day 3 Epidavros  to Alimos port.

Sailing from Pachi to Corinth Canal entry takes 2 hours
Sailing from Corinth to Epidavros takes 2.5  hours
Sailing from Epidavros to Aegina takes 2 hours
Sailing from Aegina to Alimos takes 2 hours

DAY 1 Pachi to Corinth

The first day of the cruise introduces guests to the highlights of Corinth, a city lying 85 kilometers west of Athens.  There is the thrilling passage through the Corinth Canal, inaugurated on July 25, 1893 in the presence of British King George I.  The Canal is 6.30 km long (3.90 miles),  24.60 meters wide (80 feet) and 8 meters deep (26 feet).  The crossing takes about 30 minutes.

After the Canal, guests travel by land to visit Ancient Corinth, the city where St. Paul preached when he roamed Greece. The ruins on view at the archaeology site are predominately of Roman origin because the Romans destroyed the Greek city in 146 BC. The site’s museum has fine marble statuary and mosaics. Only 4 km from Ancient Corinth are the remnants of the medieval Acrokorinthos Fortress with expansive grounds for walking and phenomenal 360 degree views of two gulfs. Overnight Isthmia

DAY 2 Corinth to Epidavros

On Day 2 the yacht cruises down the coastline to seaside Epidavros.  From here it is only 13 km to the 3rd century BC Epidavros Theatre, a World Heritage Site.  The theatre seats 13,000 people outdoors with impeccable acoustics. Sit on the back tier and hear a whisper from the stage.  It is an easy round trip bike route for eager riders. Overnight Epidavros

DAY 3 Epidavros to Aegina to Alimos Marina

On Day 3 the yacht heads back to its home port in Alimos Marina with a pit stop on Aegina island where leisure and active activities abound.   Aegina is a popular getaway destination for Athenians because it is so close to Athens, a two hour sail.  This proximity means the island offers many opportunities for fun and R&R.


Inclusions depend on the yacht that is chartered and its capabilities.  Below are indicative inclusions for this tour.

  • Yacht accommodating from 2 to 12 adults, or 16 persons with young children over age 12 years.
  • Captain and 3 crew.
  • Cruise Director handling all logistics.
  • All required safety equipment such as life rafts, life jackets, motorized tenders, satellite beacon devices, emergency communication devices, fire prevention/extinguishing equipment, emergency pumps and other essential sea faring devices.
  • Vehicle transfer from central Athens to/from Alimos Marina.
  • Bed linens.
  • Towels for showers and the beach.
  • Water and snacks.
  • Hybrid bicycles, helmets, water bottles.
  • Snorkeling gear, fishing gear and bait.
  • Entry fees to archaeology sites and museums.
  • Meals provided on board with chef.  Inquire for rates.

Bring swim wear, hat, sun glasses and sun screen For bikers, wear appropriate shoes.

On the yacht rubber soled footwear only, or barefoot.



3 Day Corinth Cruise

Cruise through the high cliffs of the Corinth Canal

Visit the Roman ruins of Ancient Corinth

Hike up to the panoramic fortress of Acrokorinthos.

Stand in the center of Epidavros Theatre to test the pristine acoustics.

Swim in the warm waters off Aegina island.

Corinth Canal Crossing 3
Corinth Canal Crossing 2
Corinth Canal Crossing 5
Corinth Canal Crossing 4
Corinth Canal Crossing 6
Corinth Canal Crossing 1