Day Sails

In Greece the sea is a key element of the Greek persona.  As a sea faring people for centuries, the Greeks embrace wooden sail boats as part of their identity.  Visitors to Greece love to capture and re-create the Greek feeling to be at sea on a traditional wooden sailing yacht.

Departure Times: Day Cruises usually depart from the selected ports at 09:00 and return at 18:00

Departure Port:   The three organized cruises listed under Day Sails all depart from Alimos Marina, located twenty minutes drive southeast of central Athens.

Capacity:  Day Sail yachts require minimum 15 passengers and maximum 49 passengers on one yacht.   Groups with more than 50 passengers sail in two or more yachts like a regatta. Depending on the yacht, there are 5-7 double cabins available for resting, showering or changing into swimwear.

Optional Inclusions for Day Cruises: Transfers to/from your group’s hotel or pick-up points, lunch on board or at a seaside taverna, choice of active and leisure activities, company tour guides.

Ports of Call:  Yachts in the Argosy network are located in multiple ports in various regions in Greek waters.   See an interactive map of the available ports.  Contact us to request a Day Sail in one of  the ports listed on the map.

Aegina Sail-Away

Two hours sailing from Athens, Aegina is far enough away that you no longer feel the hustle and bustle of the city.   Aegina has culture for those who wish a leisure tour and plenty of nature for those seeking an active outdoor experience. Don’t leave Aegina without buying at least one bag of the island’s famous pistachios.   Read more…

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Salamina 2
Salamina 3
Salamina 4
Salamina 8
Corinth Canal Crossing
Corinth Canal Crossing 2
Corinth Canal Crossing 3
Corinth Canal Crossing 4

Corinth Canal Crossing

This sailing tour gives the Greece visitor the thrilling opportunity to cross the Corinth Canal, sailing through its rock walls rising  90 meters (300 feet) above sea level.   Although the canal saves the 700-kilometre (430 mi) journey around the Peloponnese, it is too narrow for modern ocean freighters, but it is perfect for Argosy yachts.

Active guests bike to nearby Ancient Corinth where St. Paul preached.  Leisure guests are transferred by vehicle and will have more time to tour the site’s impressive museum.   Nearby is the awesome Akrokorinthos Fortress for ambitious bikers to climb.   Read more…

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3 Islands Odyssey

The three Aegean islands clustered together are Aegina, Agistri and Moni.   The largest is Aegina with inviting beaches, a vibrant little harbor town and ancient ruins.   Agistri feels like a deserted island by comparison, even though people live on it.   The secluded coves are terrific for swimming and snorkeling.   Tiny Moni island is deserted, except for the deer who come eat from your hands, and other wildlife.   This sailing excursion is ideal for families and casual sailors.       Read more…


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Sunset Dinner Cruise 3
Sunset Dinner Cruise 4
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