U N C O M M O N    S A I L I N G    E X P E R I E N C E S

Wouldn’t you like to take a cruise based on your favorite pastime?

Argosy’s innovative concept is leisure theme cruises focusing on special interests.

Imagine taking a Wine Cruise for the day with a sommelier on board for multiple tastings, and on multi-day cruises, to visit different wineries on different islands.  A Culinary Cruise treats guests to a cooking class at different ports of call or walking food tours at each island to sample local specialties.     You could, of course, combine a culinary and wine cruise.

Another example is a History Cruise where guests visit a different archaeology site or museum each day.  A Culture Cruise introduces guests to a different Greek art or craft on each island, such as, a sculptor’s workshop, a pottery class or weaving class, or Greek musical instruments and dance.

You can also spice up an active cruise with active activities.

You get the picture, right?   Let us know what activities your group wants included on a sailing vacation and we will create a personalized theme with the best of such experiences Greece has to offer.

  • Culinary
  • Wine Tasting
  • Museums
  • Sightseeing
  • Art & Culture
  • Yoga & Wellness
  • Culinary


    Greek food is one of the most beloved features of a Greece vacation. So many different types of dishes and tastes are unique to the Greek palate. And it is one of the healthiest diets in the world, rarely spicy, yet rich in its original natural flavors.

    On a cruise, take time for intimate interaction with Greek cuisine. Try a traditional Greek cooking class with local cooks whose recipes are handed down from grandma. Sometimes you accompany the cook to the market or pick ingredients from a garden. You help prepare the meal and eat the fruits of your labor.

    Also popular are walking food tours sampling local specialties as you stroll from one shop or market stall or taverna to the next. Other foodie activities include olive oil tasting and honey tasting sessions. In Athens, we take you to the unique Gastronomy Museum.

  • Wine Tasting

    Wine Tasting

    Wine making may well be Greece’s best kept secret. Although Greeks have been producing wine for millennia, in the last 25 years there has been a tremendous investment in modern technology wholly transforming Greek viticulture. Yet, because so little Greek wine is exported, foreigners are deprived the pleasure to taste the truly marvelous varieties of Greek wine.

    It is no surprise that a very popular activity during a Day Sail or Multi-Day Cruise are wine tasting sessions at wineries and vineyards, most of which have been in a family for three and four generations. You taste 4-5 wines and an explanation from a local expert.

    For wine enthusiasts and professionals, request a Wine Cruise a professional wine expert on board. The cruise can be be for one day tasting wines while sailing the Greek seas. Or a Wine Cruise can last multiple days to enable guests to disembark and visit multiple wineries at multiple destinations.

  • Museums


    A Museum Cruise is a rich idea because Greece has many museums that house priceless treasures from over the ages.

    Museums range from breathtaking antiquities to traditional folklore museums with artifacts families have handed down over the years. Greece has nautical museums, art museums, jewelry museums, childrens museums, many different kinds to keep the cruise passenger entertained and enlighten on shore. In the Athens – Attica region alone there are over eighty museums.

  • Sightseeing


    As the Cradle of Western Civilization, Greece is overflowing with legendary ancient sites including World Heritage Sites. Virtually every destination in Greece has antiquities and museums worth exploring.

    Look on a map to see Greece’s strategic location as a land and sea crossroads between three continents. Years of past invaders means that sight seeing in Greece offers ruins and relics from diverse eras,lands and cultures: the Greek Classic period, the Roman era, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman occupation.

    On an Argosy cruise, sightseeing is a sought-after activity. We arrange for professional guides, as this is the optimum way to explore an archaeology sites. Walking amidst ruins without a guide is like watching a movie with the sound turned off. With whisper lite ear phones the guide brings you a full panoramic historical picture

  • Art & Culture

    Art & Culture

    Greece is swimming in traditional culture. Arts and crafts, customs and practices hark back to past centuries and even past millennia. Pottery techniques, for example, in Crete stem were developed in the ancient Minoan era and are still replicated in at least four centers on that island. This is but one example of what a rich culture you encounter traveling in Greece.

    On day sails and cruises, guests experience a wide array of Greek arts and culture when the yacht docks in port. Examples include visits to pottery making centers, marble sculptors, Greek dancing, local Greek music, traditional musical instruments and soap workshops using organic olive oil.

    A Greek Culture Cruise is dedicated to daily encounters with traditional treasures and the local people who produce them.

  • Yoga & Wellness

    Yoga & Wellness

    There can be no finer concept that a Wellness Cruise. The sea and the salt water is itself theraputic. Add an onboard masseuse to the scene.

    Many sailing guests practice yoga at home and want to continue their practice when traveling.

    Depending on the yacht, each ship has room on deck for several yoga mats. For group yoga, the yacht takes you to secluded beaches at dawn or dusk, a magical time and place for a downward dog and other poses.

    Many islands have yoga centers near the harbor.