8  Day Cruises

On an 8 Day Cruise, you get a real taste of sea life on the Greek isles.  Each day is a different island.   Each island its own personality.  You start to merge with the island tempo and lifestyle.   The yacht is your home base for 7 nights, 8 days for you to retreat to each night after experiencing the wonders of each day.

North Cyclades Cruise

Evia > Andros > Tinos > Mykonos > Syros > Kythnos > Lavrio

The islands in the north Cyclades region are close enough to the Attika mainland to make a grand loop of seven islands and return back to the mainland in eight days. The northern islands have more variation between them then the southern Cyclades islands which gives the tour a feeling of exploring a novel island each day.   Read more…


Sunset Dinner Cruise 3
Sunset Dinner Cruise 4
Sunset Dinner Cruise 5
Sunset Dinner Cruise 2

South Cyclades Cruise

Mykonos > Delos > Tino > Syros > Paros >  Ios >  Santorini

The southern Cyclades islands capture the fantasy of anyone who has ever longed to sail the Greek isles.  The scenery resembles the Greece flag — blue seas and white houses that deflect the sun.   Average two hours sailing per day.  These islands lie on the high seas where the meltemi winds can be strong in summer months. The tour is best suited for seasoned sailors.  Read more…


Saronic Sailing

Aegina > Corinth > Epidvaros >  Poros > Hydra > Spetses > Nafplio

An attractive feature of the Saronic Sailing tour is the calm waters of the Saronic Gulf. The serene sea makes this tour ideal for first time seafarers who have not yet developed sea legs.”   This region is rich in Greek mythology and ancient history, the highlight being 3rd century BC Epidavros Theatre with its impeccable acoustics.    Read more…


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