U N C O M M O N    S A I L I N G   E X P E R I E N C E S

Wouldn’t you like to combine a sailing cruise with your favorite outdoor sport?

Argosy’s innovative concept is active yachting.   We combine sailing with  activities that energize your endorphins to enhance the full Greece sailing experience.  Theme Cruises is a concept that adapts and specializes a focused activity to your cruise.   Examples:

Sail & Cycle is a cruise where  a group of cyclists charter a yacht to pedal a different island every day.  The same applies to a Walks & Hikes Cruise because every island has terrain worth traversing on two feet.  A Sea Sports Cruise means you are enjoying different sea activities, like kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, aquatics class, wind surfing.  A Scuba Diving Cruise is for certified PADI divers and does one or two dives a day.  Or the cruise can be for beginners to take lessons each day from an expert.

A Multi-Sports Cruise lets you bike on one island one day, hike another island the next day and do sea sports a third day, and so on.

You can also spice up an active cruise with a leisure activity.

You get the picture, right?   Let us know what activities your group wants included on a chartered active yachting vacation and we will create a personalized theme with the best experiences Greece has to offer.

  • Biking
  • Walks & Hikes
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Biking


    Sail and Cycle is the most heavenly slow motion way to travel on land and sea. The yacht holds up to 30 bikes. Guests can pedal around harbor towns or go deep inland with a guide for longer rides.

    For years our team has been tracking Greek roads with a GPS. We have scouted and amassed dozens of GPS tracks all over the Greek mainland and the islands. These tracks form the basis for our many cycling routes that we share with guests.

    We offer road bikes and hybrid bikes and on request e-bikes.

  • Walks & Hikes

    Walks & Hikes

    Most islands have plenty of paths that used to be the only means of travel for the islanders. They are stone paved or dirt trails. The represent evidence of a lingering nature and cultural evidence connnection of modern islanders to their ancestors.

    Many paths were old donkey paths, some of which are still used to this day by locals. It’s quaint to see donkeys and riders while hiking.

    For hikers and walkers, the paths are a deep immersion into the island’s essence. A cruise guide always accompanies a hiking group to ensure no one gets lost as often the paths are not marked.

  • Sea Kayaking

    Sea Kayaking

    On an Argosy cruise several kayaks are kept on board of one-man and two-man variety. Upon request, additional kayaks can be available especially if a Sea Sports Cruise is requested which specifies daily sea activities for all passengers.

    Kayakers may paddle around the vicinity of the ship on their own, usually when anchored in a secluded cove. For kayakers wanting an extended journey, a guide from the ship leads the group.

    Beginner kayakers can take a class from the ship’s guide to learn the basics. The Greek waters tend to be mild and thus offer an apprpriate learning environment for new kayakers.

  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving in Greece is a sensitive matter since there are so many ancient wrecks with undiscovered antiquities subject to underwater theives. Thus, for history’s sake, the Greek authorities made it illegal to dive in Greece or charter a yacht for diving. But all that changed in 2006 when the European Union compelled Greece to open its seas to scuba diving.

    Upon request Argosy yachts provide scuba diving with PADI guides during cruises, especially in a Scuba Dive Cruise that would devote itself and the passengers to one or two daily dives. An additional boat accompanies the yacht to hold the diving gear and active divers.

    Masks, fins, snorkels, wet suits, weights and underwater lights are provided as part of a Scuba Dive Cruise, as well as spear guns that enable divers to catch fresh fish. The Apollon yacht has an outdoor grill so you can cook and eat the very fish you speared that day!

  • Snorkeling


    The beauty of a private yacht is its ability to take passengers to secluded coves where you have the sea to yourself. Snorkeling is better far from crowded beaches because the noise drives the fish away. In isolated spots one finds dozens of colorful fish and sea life.

    Greek waters offer exceptional visibility in the summer often with 30 or more meters. Summer water temperatures range from 22 to 27 degrees, but when the sun strong in spring, fall or winter the water is warm enough to swim and snorkel. Another attribute of Greece waters is no current or tide.

    The best snorkeling time is early morning or late afternoon, one or two hours before sunset. Argosy captains tend to take swimmers to secluded bays and coves at this time.

  • Deep Sea Fishing

    Deep Sea Fishing

    Greece is only 250 miles away from Africa which means it has warm waters that attract species like sailfish, marlin, wahoo, short and long bill spearfish, tuna and swordfish. It’s a thrill to go “big game fishing” off the yacht in the high seas of Greece. Haul in your catch and then cook it on Apollon’s outdoor grill and have it for dinner the same day.

    Every island in Greece and the mainland ports have their special spots for fine fishing and the captain of each yacht knows exactly where to steer the boat for the best catches. It is not unusual to encounter edible fish that come only from that island.

    If you charter an Argosy yacht exclusively for a Fishing Cruise, the captain and crew know where on each island you can find the clearest water, the best sea bottoms and the most variety of fish.