The beauty of a five day cruise leaving from Athens is that it provides enough time to reach the shores of the Peloponnese peninsula, home of some of Greece’s most legendary antiquities, particularly the World Heritage Site of Ancient Epidavros Theatre.

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5 Days

Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina



In the ancient world there were over 200 holistic healing centers focusing on mind, body, spirit.   The largest center, Epidavros, has a magnificent outdoor theater seating 13,000 that was used for spiritual healing.  Today Greeks flock to its drama festival performed purely for entertainment.

The yacht also docks in Aegina where you visit the second most important archaeological site on the cruise, the Temple of Aphaia whose earliest structures are from the 6th century BC.    Aegina is famous as the pistachio island whose annual festival showcases all things pistachio.

Poros island is hugely popular with yachtsmen because of its amazingly large sheltered bay. The harbor marina accommodates several hundred yachts at a time and you are apt to see seafarers from many nationalities frequenting the harbor cafes, tavernas and shops.

The cruise’s most tranquil destination is Agistri island, only 14 square kilometers, with lovely secluded coves for overnight anchoring and ten pristine beaches, pine forests with hiking and biking trails, clean, pristine sea waters for snorkeling and swimming.



DAY 1   Overnight Agistri

  • 08:00   Transfer from central Athens by vehicle to the yacht’s home port, Alimos Marina, 20 minutes drive.
  • Boarding upon arrival.   Mandatory safety lesson.   Get settled into your cabin.
  • 09:00  Departure.   Enjoy a welcome beverage as we set sail to little Agistri island, a 2.50 hour journey.   Peace and quiet for the first day on this tranquil island with hiking and biking paths in the forests and of course, swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking and fishing options.

DAY 2   Overnight Epidavros

  • Sail to Epidavros harbor for an exciting shore excursion to Epidavros Theatre to witness its impeccable acoustics.  Option to bike to the Theatre (13km) or vehicle transfer.

DAY 3  Overnight Poros

  • Morning sail to Methana where the boat docks for several hours to give you a chance to experience Methana’s famous hot sulphur healing springs.
  • Afternoon sail to Poros to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the harbor marina.   Option for evening Greek cooking class.

DAY 4  Overnight Aegina

  • Spend the day on Poros with lots of activities to choose from.  Two organized beaches with a variety of sea sports.  Footpaths for hikes.  Weaving lessons from the only traditional weaver in the Argo Saronic region.  Afternoon sail to Aegina.

DAY 5   Return to Athens

  • Spend the day on Aegina island with so many activities to choose from.   Visit the Cool Soap workshop to learn how organic olive oil soap is made.  Tour the impressive Temple of Aphaia.  Bike a loop around the island.  Option for ceramics classes from a traditional potter.
  • 14:00   Departure from Aegina
  • 18:00   Return to Alimos Marina.  Transfer to central Athens by vehicle

Sailing from Alimos Marina to Aegistri 2 hours
Sailing from Agistri to Epidavros takes 2. 30 hours
Sailing from Epidavros to Poros takes 2.30 hours
Sailing from Poros to Aegina takes 3 hours
Sailing from Aegina to Alimos takes 2 hours


Inclusions depend on the yacht that is chartered and its capabilities.  Below are indicative inclusions for this tour.

  • Yachts are available accommodating from 2 to 12 adults, or 16 persons with young children over age 12 years.
  • Captain and 3 crew, licensed and certified by all international sea faring regulatory agencies.
  • Cruise Director handling all logistics.
  • All required safety equipment such as life rafts, life jackets, motorized tenders, satellite beacon devices, emergency communication devices, fire prevention/extinguishing equipment, emergency pumps and other essential sea faring devices.
  • Vehicle transfer from central Athens to/from Alimos Marina.
  • Bed linens.
  • Towels for showers and the beach.
  • Water and snacks all day.
  • Hybrid bicycles, helmets, water bottles.
  • Snorkeling gear, fishing gear and bait.
  • Entry fees to archaeology sites and museums.
  • Meals provided on board with chef.  Inquire for rates.

Bring swim wear, hat, sun glasses and sun screen For bikers, wear appropriate shoes.
On the yacht rubber soled footwear only, or barefoot.



Argo-Saronic Cruise

Stand in the center of Epidavros Theatre to test the pristine acoustics

Swim in the warm waters off Aegina island.

Admire the important ancient Temple of Aphaia.

Stroll along the harbor of picturesque Poros.

Eat fresh fish after a day of snorkeling.

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