East Attica, the region east of Athens, is barely known to foreign travelers. Yet, it is overflowing with valuable sites to see, cultural places to go and scenic nature settings for active and leisure land and sea activities. You will be surprised by the abundance found in East Attica.


4 Days

Alimos Marina




Athens’ best kept secret is the Attica Peninsula, the terrain which surrounds Athens on all sides.  Few tourists explore the eastern region which is blessed with an abundance of natural assets – mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, forests, caves and flat plains.  The area is also full of cultural riches, fine foods, award winning wineries and a trove of historical sites where Greek mythology flourished.

The Attica Sailing cruise hugs the Attica coastline heading eastward to Sounion, home of the magnificent Temple of Poseidon.  Other historical sites include the Lavrio silver mines where ancient Athens derived its wealth, Mikronissos island known by all contemporary Greeks as a post World War II history scene of exile for dissidents and Marathon where the famed battle occurred in 490 BC, and the Temple of Artemis at Vravrona where young Athenian girls of the “bear cult”  learned to become women.

Culturally, the cruise visits the Vravrona museum and the Lavrio mineral museum, plus wineries.  Attica is famous since antiquity for its wines and modern wine makers there have harnessed the latest technologies to produce stellar varieties, including the indigenous Savatiano.

For activities in nature, cruise guests have ample swimming and snorkeling opportunities, including at Sounion and the Petali islands.  Bike rides are also available to Sounion National Park and in Marathon.

On board, guests can be assured of a comfortable cabin for a quiet night’s sleep.  The yacht’s chef makes all meals on board which feature the healthy Mediterranean cuisine with Greek food at its centerpiece.   The crew is friendly and attentive to ensuring your cruise is an amazing event.



DAY 1   Overnight Lavrio

  • 08:00   Transfer from central Athens by vehicle to the yacht’s home port, Alimos Marina, 20 minutes drive.
  • Boarding upon arrival.   Get settled into your cabin.
  • 09:00  Departure.   Enjoy a welcome beverage as we set sail to little Sounion
  • Swimming and snorkeling in the little bay at the foot of the backside of the Temple of Poseidon.
  • The morning highlight is visiting this famous Temple in which Lord Byron scrawled his name on the marble. Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking at the bay and its sandy beach.
  • Lunch on board at Sounion
  • Afternoon sail to Lavrio to overnight in its pretty marina.

DAY 2   Overnight Porto Rafti

  • Morning activities in the Lavrio area include visit by bike or vehicle to Sounion National Park where you find an open air museum of the ancient Lavrio Silver Mines.   The Lavrio Mineral Museum exhibits unique rocks of the region.   A visit to a local winery enables you to have a taste of the indigenous Savatiano variety.
  • Lunch on board at Lavrio marina
  • Afternoon sail to Makronisos Island for a tour of this historic site with a tragic history.  For eight years, Greek political prisoners were incarcerated under rough conditions.
  • Sail to Porto Rafti, passing over the waters where the Titanic sister ship Brittanic sunk in 1916 and the ship is still at sea bottom.

DAY 3  Overnight Petali Islands

  • Spend all day in the Porto Rafti area.  Activities include sea kayaking to the islet of Raftis to hike the path to the top where there are remnants of a Roman statue.  Continue kayaking to Raftopoula islet.   Swim and snorkel in Porto Rafti’s marvelous bay.   For history lovers, explore the grounds and museum of Vravrona which holds the Temple of Artemis, the site of the “bear cult.”  Travel by bike or vehicle to several Attica wineries, tasting the splendid way wine growers have used retsina to enhance local varieties.
  • Lunch on board in Porto Rafti, or by arrangement at a winery
  • Afternoon sail to Petali islands

DAY 4  Marathon and vehicle transfer to Athens

  • Spend the morning swimming and snorkeling and fishing in the Petali Islands off the coast of Evia island.  Discover red starfish, colored fish and unusual sea plants.
  • Lunch on board as the yacht sails to Marathon.
  • The famous Battle of Marathon in 490 BC is when 10,000 Greeks triumphed over 30,000 Persians.  Only 192 Greek soldiers died that day and they are buried at the Marathon Tomb which you can visit by bike from the yacht or by vehicle, as well as Marathon Trophy monument.  Also, visit the Marathon Archaeology Museum and the Marathon Runners Museum.
  • 17:00   transfer to central Athens by vehicle, arrive 18:00


Sailing from Alimos to Lavrio takes 4 hours
Sailing from Lavrio to Porto Rafti takes 2 hours
Sailing from Porto Rafti to Petali Islands takes 2 hours
Sailing from Petali Islands to Marathon takes 2 hours

Vehicle transfer from Marathon to Athens takes 1 hour


Inclusions depend on the yacht that is chartered and its capabilities.  Below are indicative inclusions for this tour.

  • Yachts are available accommodating from 2 to 12 adults, or 16 persons with young children over age 12 years.
  • Captain and 3 crew, licensed and certified by all international sea faring regulatory agencies.
  • Cruise Director handling all logistics.
  • All required safety equipment such as life rafts, life jackets, motorized tenders, satellite beacon devices, emergency communication devices, fire prevention/extinguishing equipment, emergency pumps and other essential sea faring devices.
  • Vehicle transfer from central Athens to/from Alimos Marina.
  • Bed linens.
  • Towels for showers and the beach.
  • Water and snacks all day.
  • Hybrid bicycles, helmets, water bottles.
  • Snorkeling gear, fishing gear and bait.
  • Entry fees to archaeology sites and museums.
  • Meals provided on board with chef.  Inquire for rates.

Bring swim wear, hat, sun glasses and sun screen.   For bikers, wear appropriate shoes. On the yacht rubber soled footwear only, or barefoot.




Attica Sailing

Wine tasting in Attica’s many wineries.

Snorkel for starfish in the Petali Islands.

Search for Lord Byron’s signature at the Temple of Poseidon.

Bike to the Lavrio ancient silver mines and Mineral Museum.

Walk the grounds of the Marathon Tomb of 490 BC.