3 Day Cruises

During your stay in Greece if your group doesn’t have enough time for a long cruise but you want more than just one day at sea, the 3 Day Cruise is a good solution.   You get into the sailing groove just long enough to get your feet wet and get a feel for the life of a salty dog.


Corinth Cruise

Corinth Canal (Isthmia) > Epidavros > Aegina

The cruise’s highlight is the World Heritage Site, 3rd century BC Epidavros Theatre with its impeccable outdoor acoustics.    Visitors appreciate a stop at Ancient Corinth where St. Paul preached when he roamed around Greece circa 50 A.D. The Akrokorinthos Fortress can be seen from miles around because it is so high and its grounds so extensive.  The thrill of the day is standing at the front of the yacht as it sails through the remarkable Corinth Canal,  a serene journey with glimpses of birds and their nests and a blinding blue sea. Read more…


Sunset Dinner Cruise 2
Sunset Dinner Cruise 3
Sunset Dinner Cruise 4
Sunset Dinner Cruise 5
Corinth Canal Crossing
Corinth Canal Crossing 2
Corinth Canal Crossing 3
Corinth Canal Crossing 4
Aegina Cruise

Agistri > Aegina harbor > Agia Marina

Aigistri’s population is less than 200.  No stress on this island.  Lots of swimming, sun bathing, quiet time.   Aegina has the famous Aphaia ancient site and the harbor of the town is lively and there are cultural excursions if you wish, but by and large, this is a laid back three day agenda.   The third day is on the northeastern side of Aegina, at Agia Marina beach, an organized beach, meaning you can rent lounge chairs and sun umbrellas. Read more…