Salamina island is the site of the famous Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. The super power Persians came to conquer Greece but they were defeated despite the fact that Persian ships greatly outnumbered Greek ships. You will learn all about the battle as you stare into the waters where this game-changing event took place. After Salamis, the Persians never returned to Greece.

Sailing Aegina Island Getway (1)

1 Day

Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina



In Salamina, the yacht docks at Peristeria where its native son Euripides is said to have lived in a cave. You will walk up a path to the little cave to see the magnificent view he enjoyed as he wrote his great tragedies, such as, Medea, The Trojan Women, Orestes and Cyclops.

Aegina is a popular weekend getaway island for Athenians because it is so close to the mainland. Pistachio trees dominate the terrain and visitors always leave with a souvenir bag of red and green nuts. Aegina’s most impressive ruin is the 5th century BC Aphaia Temple within biking distance to the port. The island’s charm can be seen in stone houses, forested landscapes, a harbor front with inviting cafes, and locals intent on preserving their culture.


Tour Timing

  •  08.30  Transfer from Syntagma Square to Alimos Marina.
  • 09:00  Boarding at Alimos Marina.
  •  Depart from Alimos Marina to Salamina.
  • 11.00 Arrive at Salamina
  • 13.00 Depart from Salamina to Aegina.
  • Lunch on board at Aegina.
  • 16.00  Depart from Aegina to Alimos Marina
  • 18.00 Arrive at Alimos Marina.
  • Vehicle transfer to Syntagma at end of tour.

Inclusions depend on the yacht that is chartered and its capabilities.  Below are indicative inclusions for this tour.

  • Vehicle transfers from Athens center to Alimos Marina.
  • Captain and 3 crew.
  • Cruise Director handling all logistics.
  • All required safety equipment such as life rafts, life jackets, motorized tenders, satellite beacon devices, emergency communication devices, fire prevention/extinguishing equipment, emergency pumps and other essential sea faring devices.
  • Entry fees to Temple of Aphaia.
  • Traditional Greek lunch aboard yacht.
  • Hybrid bicycles, helmets, water bottles (active group).
  • Complimentary hand made olive oil soap (leisure group).
  • Snorkelling gear, fishing gear.
  • On arrival at Salamina, we make our way to Peristeria in the south-eastern part  of the island, following a dirt trail to Euripides’ Cave where the playwright is said to have found sanctuary to write his plays. The walk is easy for any fit person and only takes about twenty minutes up and the same time down. Those wishing to can stay at the picturesque Peristeria beach for a swim.
  • A bar-b-que lunch is served on board with salads and meze (Greek appetizers). The ship anchors at a strategic spot halfway between Salamina and Aegina for lunch, chosen for its serene and relaxing location.
  • On arrival at Aegina active guests will bike on asphalt roads along the flat seacoast and up to the Temple of Aphaia which is 15 kilometers from the port and at an elevation of 160 meters (525 feet).
  • Leisure guests will be treated to a Pistachio tasting session. The locals flavor many things with pistachios including ice cream, liqueur, cookies and jams. You will get a chance to sample all these specialties.
  • Afterwards, leisure guests will visit the Cool Soap workshop to learn how natural soaps are made using organic Greek olive oil.
  • All guests will have the opportunity to stroll along Aegina’s lovely harbor town to shop in its quaint stores and to admire the pink Markelos Tower, built in 1802.

Bring swimsuits, towel, money for souvenirs and, if biking or hiking, proper shoes. And of course don’t forget sun hat, sun screen and sunglasses. The yacht has seven cabins for use to change into swimsuits.



Salamina Aegina Sail-Away Cruise

Sail to Salamina island to discover where Euripides wrote his great works.

Enjoy a swim in the warm waters of Aegina island.

Cycle to the Temple of Aphaia.

Sample the local pistachios and delicacies.

Take a stroll through the pretty harbour town.

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